Baby-Boyz BBQ 1/4 Slab 
Beef Brisket 
Carolina Pulled Pork 
Chicken Quarter 
Pork Loin


Mama’s Mac & Cheese
Bacon Potato Salad
Cole Slaw 
Granny Boo’s Green Beans 
Baked Beans 
Corn on the Cob
Macaroni Salad
Garden Salad
Pasta Salad

One Entree with two sides & fresh rolls
(Brisket $11.75)
Each Additional side add $1.00 Per Person 
Each Additional entree add $2.00 (Brisket $4.00)
Per Person 
A 25% Gratuity is applied

1 lb Pulled Pork $9.75
1 lb Beef Brisket $12.00
1 lb Ham $6.00

Call and ask Phil about our on site serves 


    50 for $50.00

    75 for $75.00
         100 for $100.00 


Spiral Ham: $6.00 per lb
Whole Turkeys: $2.95 per lb

Spiral Ham Meal: Includes 10-12 lbs ham with dressing, greens,  and whipped sweet potatoes or mashed. $100

Whole Turkey Meal: Includes 10-12 lbs turkey with dressing, greens, and whipped sweet potatoes or mashed. $90

Whole Pig @ $8 per pound

Order Catering 

Four Catering Options:

Option one: Set up on site. Help serve and replenish food. (Buffet style). This service requires a $400 deposit plus the price of the food.

Option two: We will provide and set you up with the racks, pans and fire to keep the food warm. You are responsible for serving and replenishing.

Option three: We deliver

Option four: You pick up. No gratuity included.